Case of Wry neck?Help

Isaac 0

7 Years
Jul 19, 2016
My 3 month old barred rocks neck is curved i have him on vitamin e and eggs for selenium am a doing the right thing we had him on it for 2 weeks and seems to be getting better just making sure im doing the right thing/PICS.Its not a birth defect because im able to move his neck straight.2 weeks ago he was tucking his head under his chest and walking backwards.

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Yes, it looks like wry neck, and the vitamin E and selenium are helpful in treatment. Wry neck is a symptom caused by many different things, such as head injury, vitamin E deficiency, Mareks disease, and many more conditions. Getting enough food and water into them is sometimes a challenge. It can last days to weeks, or more. Here is a good link about it to read:

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