Cat attack- injured parakeet- please help!

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    I took in a young female parakeet from a mutual friend yesterday. She was attacked by a cat 3 days ago and the mutual friend had no idea what to do and so I took her in- I've raised parakeets for several years, but I've never dealt with an injury caused by a cat.
    The first night I brought her home, she was clearly in shock and stressed out. I put her in a separate cage with fresh food (seed, romaine lettuce, small piece of whole grain bread), fresh water (with a parakeet vitamin supplement mixed in that I regularly give my 4 other birds), and a blanket draped over half the cage- I put her in a quiet room with the heat turned up to keep her warm.
    Today she's very lethargic and weak. I've handfed her water to keep her hydrated (put a drop on the tip of my finger and she drank it off herself). She ate a tiny bit of the romaine lettuce. I don't have any handfed formula. Her droppings are quite watery.
    *Wounds: longest tail feather was pulled out by the cat and her feathers in general look a little ruffed up but no bleeding. There's one wound on the top side of one of her wings where she either got scratched or bitten; its fairly small (covering an area about the size of the end of a pencil eraser), not swollen, not bleeding. It scabbed over and has a small, black-colored scab on the surface of the skin. I read that black skin means there's an infection, which I'm very concerned about considering the high rate of infections with wounds caused by a cat. I cleaned the wound as best I could with a small amount of 3% hydrogen peroxide, as recommended by other parakeet owners I read online. It's no longer an open wound (it was scabbed over when I got her) but I'm hoping the peroxide will still be effective.
    Yes, I've strongly considered taking her to the vet. However I'm hesitant to because although I think that's the best move in most injured bird situations, I think it would not be helpful and might even make things worse at this point. She is already very weak and lethargic- I want to avoid causing more stress as much as possible. I don't think she's stable enough for a trip to the vet- especially considering that I live in a cold area, it's the dead of winter, and even if I blast the heat in my car and wrap her travel cage in a thick blanket, it just doesn't seem like a great idea right now.
    After doing some of my own research, I found a product- called Biotic Bird- which is an antibiotic powder that you add to water to orally treat local bacterial infections in birds. I wish I had found it sooner, but I ordered it with next-day shipping so it will be here tomorrow.
    I'm just worried she won't make it over night. She has gotten worse throughout the day.
    If anyone has any advice on what else I could possibly do, please let me know.
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    Sorry for the late response.

    Did she make it? An injection of antibiotics is usually the only thing that saves a bird from a cat attack. They can get sepsis and die in just 2 days even with small wounds, so it's very dangerous. Local antibiotics probably won't work.

    I hope she is doing well!

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