Cat Found a Baby Rabbit!


Langshan Lover
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Jan 4, 2009
Claremore, OK
Thing is, I have NO idea where it came from. If I leave it outside, cat will eat it. She hasn't hurt it at all.

What kind of milk-replacer can a rabbit eat safely? I could have SWORN it was cat's milk replacer...but I want to be sure!

Any help is appreciated!
I raised a batch of bunnies a couple years ago after my dog got into em'

I used cats milk replacer and a little plunger thing. They were pests when it came to feeding. Had to shove that thing in there mouth before they got the message to"eat" LOL.
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This picture looks like the exact same age as the baby rabbit that Tinkerbell decided would keep me good company... a syringe without the needle?

How much do they need to eat?
Yes, if you have pet store near to you, they usualy have the feeding tubes with the rubber thing on the end, and have the cats replacer milk. Are these wild bunnys?. Mine were about that age I usualy did little under half of a plunger. This was a long time ago so im not sure, I would look up what you can.
If there was the slightest breaking of skin the cat's saliva carries a bacteria that the bunny would likely need antibiotics to survive.

Baby bunnies die from stress very readily. So a warm, quiet, stress free, cozy spot inside a cage or carrier...... fleece clothing or blanket maybe comforting.....

If there is a wildlife rehab place near you, bring the bunny there.
If not, you can call such a place for advice.

I hope babybun will be alright. Thanks for coming to the rescue

Be careful when feeding it not to let it aspirate (get milk in its lungs). They do sell tiny bottles, too, which I've used successfully with kittens. It's a bit more "natural" for sucking, although you might have to work with the opening in the nipple to get it just right.

Don't forget to help the baby eliminate by wiping its butt with a warm damp paper towel or rag.

Good luck!!

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