Cat has eye injury! Help please!?


Mar 9, 2020
Yadkin river area NC
My cat went outside with me last night and wandered off and I couldn't get him in until this morning. When he came in his eye was swollen and he looked like he scratched it. But now I'm noticing his nose is swollen too. I live in the country so I highly doubt anyone hurt him. There is possibility of wild animal but very slim. Running into another cat of the beighborhood is a possibility too. I will get pics soon but does anyone know what I can use on him to kind of clean the tears and stuff? Is it safe to use regular eye drops on cats?? Any info would be greatly appreciated!!
This is his eye now. He has a small scratch right in the corner. He's sleeping right now and won't open his eyes for me. His nose is a little swollen too. I have tons of briar bushes around too bc we live in a pretty well wooded area. I'll post another pic of him normally.


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Pretty cat.
I'm forwarding this to a vet tech friend and cat specialist who may be able to help.
The eye drops or even an eye type triple antibiotic should help.
Thank you! And I googled and it said not to use any drops unless a Dr says okay so I'll wait. I found a way to make a dilute saline solution to wipe him with to help clean some of the gunk.

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