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    I have been raising guinea fowl for ~ 10 years. I continue to learn how to deal with these eccentric birds who may be too stupid to walk the earth but I am still charmed by their quirkiness. I usually catch them by tenaciously corralling them and grabbing them or if they escape the fowl yard I guide them by walking behind them with a long pvc pole but this can take awhile. I read in some thread or other about using a large competition bass fishing net (I had no success with a small one). The local sporting goods store did not have any but they had replacement netting so I bought the netting for a 26" diameter 40in deep net, went to a hardware/garden place and bought some of the1/2in heavy black tubing you use for drip watering and a T connector and attached a gray pvc 2 foot pole to the T. It works great! I have caught birds twice in the last few days, one to fix a foot problem and one who escaped the yard. The net cost ~ $9 and the rest another $10. Why didn't I do this sooner! Now catching a few of those bad boys for thanksgiving will be a piece of cake.
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