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Oct 4, 2012
Pierson Fl
My cats got a great lesson from my old rooster, Dumpling, that we had for a while ( too aggressive and mean and

flogged my child one too many times). My cat, when we got the chickens would go and try to sneak up on them. Well

when Dumpling saw what Bella, the cat, was doing, he went after her. This went on for many weeks. One day Bella, the

cat, was minding her own business for once but was near the coop, got her lesson on messing with Dumpling. He came

out of no where when Bella's back was turned and Dumpling the Rooster was very quiet and flogged the hell out of her.

He jumped on her back and did not let go. It was funny as hell to see my full grown cat haul butt in the backyard with a

Rooster on her back. She has never, ever tried to mess with the chickens again. Wish I had gotten it on video! I could

have won AFV!

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