Cats in the coop?

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  1. So I have four cats, one stray kitten that's about 4 weeks old, and 3 farm cats I just got, that we're born this spring, the 3 older ones are in a dog carrier in the chick room, and they seem to not care about the chicks, so my question is when should I do the test to see if they can live with the chick(en)s? I just got them tonight.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Cats and chicks? Probably not. However I've never had any problems with the barn cats and adult birds. That's not to say that nothing will ever happen, but my JG roo weighs as much as (if not more) than some of those scrawny tom cats that happen by, so that may have something to do with it. But, cats kill small birds all the time, so I wouldn't risk them being with the chicks. I would wait until the birds are older. [​IMG]
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    My cats live with my chickens and chicks never did they harm them. Esp if the chicks have a mother hen then they will attack the cats and then they learn. Well mine do anyways my silkies like attacking my cats even without chicks.
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    I won't trust my cats near chicks. My male cat spent way too much time staring at them when they were in the brooder inside my house. And while my female cat seemed completely disinterested in them, I've seen her with a baby dove in her mouth before. I would trust my cats near adult chickens, however. They are as large if not larger than my cats, and my male cat is the reason why people say 'scaredy cat'. He is absolutely terrified of my hens, chinchillas and rabbits. It's really up to you and how well you know your pets.

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