Cats trying to eat baby chicks!!!!


8 Years
May 12, 2011
In an arid megathermal climate
Ok this is new, we've always had a cat that never paid any attention to baby chicks. I just put our newly hatched babies in a dog crate in the kitchen and I slept on the couch just in case they needed anything.

I just woke up to find them frantically peeping and both of my daughters new kittens doing all in their power to get at the new babies!!!! I locked the kittens in the bathroom, but what the heck? I'm guessing ill have to put the babies in a room where the cats can't get them tomorrow, but this is a stress I wasn't anticipating! Suggestions welcome.
Yep, even cute little baby kittens want to take out small critters. You could zip tie some hardware clothe to the outside of the crate, just make sure its small enough to keep out little paws. Eventually the kittens will learn they can't get them and stop trying.
My cats still like to watch small chicks, but they've learned they're off limits now.
your older cat is used to them. baby kittens are programmed from birth to try and hunt. since they are little and do not know any better only thing you can do is keep separated

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