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Mar 25, 2009
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Maybe I just didn't search well enough, but I didn't find much on here about these structures, though this is where I originally saw the idea
I just figured some people could get some use out of this site:

I am building one for broilers this summer, they will be moved everyday. Basic structure elements will be nearly identical, maybe a little heavier than those in the link. I'm of course going to change the covering because this guy made a greenhouse not a chicken house. I just thought it was a well put together site, and there are lots of good pictures. I was thinking about using canvas like appears here:

I really like how it extends (the "canvas") past the ends of the house. I am also interested in the way they have it roll up there for extra sun/ ventilation or less rain. You could just run the top 2x4 from the first link on out past the ends so that it supports your canvas or tarp for the overhang... and then the tarp rolling 2x2's or whatever would be essential to keeping it taught. I can't quite tell how they have that done there in the fertrell picture, anyone have any ideas?
I'm thrilled to be doing meat birds this year and can't wait to build their pen. Now I just have to keep it small and light enough to not break my back
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Oct 2, 2009
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My setup is also a cattle panel hoop house, and it works great. It's strong and sturdy, and easily movable. I don't have mine set up as a tractor, but it could be. I found this pic ( early on, and it helped me, once I adapted/changed a few things. The only thing I would do differently now is use hardware cloth instead of chicken wire to cover the panels and ends.
Also, this is a helpful thread. You could never move this coop, but I really like the construction - especially the way he attached the hardware cloth to the cattle panels. That would have saved me a lot of time if I had seen this before.


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Aug 18, 2009
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The roll up canvas idea is very cool. Keep in mind, you would actually be using vinyl coated polyester, such as this (there are definitely cheaper sources, but this source carries is in colors other than black) Considering the cost of the "correct" material you might be better off with a cheap blue tarp. One idea would be to attach 2x4s to the hoop at various points along the arch making sure the ends extend past the ends of the hoop. Roll up a 2x4 inside the tarp. As the tarp gets rolled up to one of your attached 2x4, clamp the 2x4 rolled up inside the tarp to the stationary 2x4 keeping the tarp tight.

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