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Oct 8, 2010

Two weeks ago, I found 7 of my nine chickens dead. I knew it was a dog, but thought it was the wild dog pack that I'd already reported to animal control a few weeks before. Two days later, saw this dog in my neighbor's yard heading toward my backyard. Tenant, who was getting ready to walk her dog, followed the strange dog after I scared it away, to know where the dog lived.

Next day she snapped this picture of the same dog in MY backyard with #8 dead chicken in her mouth. You can see she's got pups.

Called animal control, told them "I have a picture of the dog that's killed my chickens, and I know where it lives!"

They came out, verifed that yes, the picture was taken in my backyard. I also informed the deputy that I was going to be sending the homeowners a bill, demanding restitution for my dead birds ($200) They went over to confront the neighbor 4 doors down. About 30 minutes later the deputy came back and asked if I would hold off for a couple days on giving the dog owner a bill. "They have more problems than a dog killing your chickens"

Next morning several sheriff's were at that property. Turns out the woman is an animal hoarder. A total of 17 feral cats were taken from the house (that's all they could catch at the time), plus several dogs and puppies taken from the backyard. All were starving. The chicken killing dog and her pups were all put down as the vet determined "they had too many problems". Don't know what those were didn't ask.

That picture was worth everything, and I'll keep reporting chicken-killing dogs and dog packs (created by irresponsible owners dumping their dogs in the country).
Sooo sorry to hear about your chickens and what a sad story about the momma dog and her puppies. I sooooo wish people would be responsible pet owners. Hopefully now that animal control has removed the animals you won't have any more losses.
aw was just trying to live and take care of her pups...chicken was survival for her...poor chicken...people just suck sometimes...none of that had to happen...I am sorry you had to deal with this...
Unless I misunderstood the original post, it doesn't sound like the dog even ate the chickens, just killed them.
How sad for everyone. I'm so sorry you lost your birds, and sorry that little mama dog had to resort to killing your birds to try to survive. Sorry that she and her puppies had to be put down, and that the neighbor was a hoarder.
Unless I misunderstood the original post, it doesn't sound like the dog even ate the chickens, just killed them.

I doubt a starving dog with pups would waste her energy killing chickens for the fun of it, she had to take some back to feed her pups. It's very sad though, your chickens, and the animals, did not have to suffer.
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