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Jul 24, 2020
That's not going to be enough ventilation.
Have you put the roof on it yet? If not consider extending the roof line for more overhang and adding fly rafters for greater overhang on the gable ends. Then make much larger gable vents on both ends, stop the siding about 3-4" from the top and cover that area with hardware cloth for year round venting and include a ridge vent on the roof. I would also frame in top hinged windows that can be left open during your hot summers. You should at a minimum double the run size. I'd go triple. And use 1/2" hardware cloth to secure it. NOT chicken wire.
Thanks for the advise on changes for the ventilation. We are to the point of putting the roof on. We’ll do your suggestion of a ridge vent, and do the extra overhang. Have a question...you mentioned gable vents...are you talking about the windows or are you talking about adding gable vents in addition to the windows? If your thinking in addition to the windows, where would you put them? One on each side, and how high up? Would the windows stay shut in the winter? I want to make sure we do it right the first time with getting the right amount of ventilation in the right locations. Thanks!

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