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I am in the process of building my first coop. Is it ok to use latex caulking in the interior of the coop. The walls are built from 2x2 stock material and is un-insulated and probably will stay that way. I would like to caulk where outside sheeting meets wall studs. Will chickens peck at caulking?


Inside of coop





Several shots from outside.

Eventually I plan on having 2 wheelbarrow tires mounted on the inside that will be lowered down so that coop can be moved around the yard. I has been designed it to hold 3 hens comfortably. This forum has been instrumental in the layout and building of this coop. I have never owned chickens before yet I feel very well educated on the subject so far.
I caulked all corners as well as the seams where the walls meet the floor. Then I primed and painted over it. The chickens have totally left it alone. Maybe because it doesn't stand out? Don't know, but I like the way it looks and am really glad that I did it.

Your coop is very cute!
They will eat the caulk if it isn't covered. I caulked a pop door mistake and they ate all the caulk around the opening in a week.
I they had no ill effects from it though.
I caulked around everything pre-painting and they have left it completely alone.

I wish I had known to leave the linoleum that I used on the floor long and not cut to fit and I could have run it up the walls. It would have had to fit in the front and back but up the walls would have made the edges easier to clean.

I hope that makes sense.

Nice coop. Be sure to post to show off when it's done.
Haven't seen it asked so I will. Why? Caulk isn't exactly cheap and unless it's bringing something to the party structurally (which caulk never does) I don't see the point.

Nice coop. Try and get your wheels as close to the center of gravity as possible maybe just a touch away from the side from which you plan to stand when moving.
I would caulk and paint with a porch paint .You can get really cheap paint at lowes in the mess up section .I paid 5.00 for a gallon and that would do your coop. It keeps the drafts out and easy to clean . Very nice coop .
I did the same thing and my chooks have never showed the slightest interest in it. You really do want to paint it to protect/seal the wood anyhow.

I caulked windows only, painted floor with two coats spar varnish. Floor is not under walls it butts up against wall and is replaceable. Floor is mounted over 1/2x1/2" wire screen; the bottom of the coop walls are lined 18" up from floor with plastic cardboard to be easy to clean and no need to scrape on top of wood between and on 2/4's to remove chicks poop. IT gets very hard and difficult to remove. I still have poop 12" high on the lining, but it comes off easily and is also easy to replace if necessary.
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If you want to caulk, I would put the caulk in the joint and THEN screw the siding on, so it is sandwiched deep in the joint. Strike off any that squidges out. If you feel you really must caulk after the thing is assembled you would want to squish the caulk as far into the crevices as possible and then strike the excess off very flat.

Frankly though I do not think it is really necessary -- it is such a small coop that it'd be easy to get dust into crevices if you should sprout a mite problem, and it looks like the carpentry is easily tight enough to prevent drafts.

Good luck, have fun,


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