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I'm trying to determine the cause of a backache I've had for about a week now. I have a really crooked spine and two intravertebral hemangiomas, but the crookedness and the 'omas really haven't caused me to have backaches in the past.
It's in my lower back, across my pelvis and it's getting a little bit worse every day.
DH says it's from picking my 20+ lb. puppy up, but I rarely pick him up except on occasion to snuggle with him at night and I always lift him properly by bending at the knees.
The only thing I can relate to happening at about the same time I started having the backache is that I took another fall. I was trying to step over the puppy gate with the puppy in my arms and I tripped over the gate. I landed hard on my knees and left shoulder on a tile floor. As a new mother would roll if she fell holding her baby, I rolled and protected the puppy from harm.
I'm wondering if hitting the floor so hard with my knees could have jarred my pelvis somehow.
What say you?

I called the doctor's office today and made an appt. for Wednesday of next week, if I can stand it that long.
I know! It's one thing after another with me. I'm 47 and falling apart.

Saw the doctor today. My neck had started up last night giving me a migraine quality headache. This an old problem that hasn't bothered me in years. I don't know if it was set off by my lower back being in spasm for so long. I got a shot of steroids, x-rays from top (c-spine) to bottom (sacral spine) and an appointment to start physical therapy - heat, massage & TENS unit) next week. It'll probably be the beginning of the week before I hear on the x-rays. Dr's says he fairly certain I have a herniated disk in my neck, not sure what the deal is with my pelvis. Says surgery for the neck (ain't gonna happen) and no surgery for the lower back. Oh and he started me on another round of two different antibiotics for a throat/ear infection I've been fighting since the first of the year. I so hate my body!
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I hurt my back last summer moving concrete blocks--never more than one at a time, very short distance anddoing things properly. Took me a couple of months of physical therapy (mosly stretching and strengthening exercises, althouth some external stretching and mild electronic shock (I'm sure there is a name, but I don;t know what it is called).
My low back is bad-L2 3 it goes out if I just turn to put clean dishes on the counter sometimes, no bending. Get it looked at and let the puppy come to you.
Are you referring to a TENS unit? I intend to ask the doctor about one at my visit. I've used one for hip pain in the past with good results.
If there was a pole anywhere in this house I'd find a way to trip over it.


You're not s'pose to laugh at me Deb, you're s'pose to worship me as your klutzy hero. Think about it. I make it through a whole day with a dog, a puppy, two cats and lots of booby traps - puppy gates, DH's stuff, too much furniture for a small house - at least once a week without hurting myself.
No, I thought of that. Too low to be the kidneys and my last home UTI test was negative.

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