Cayuga/Mallard cross offspring


7 Years
Aug 18, 2012
South Carolina
I was wondering if anyone knows what I'll get out of a clutch of eggs from my pair of cayuga/mallard crosses. I adopted them over the winter from a guy who had them and my muscovy drake Howard.
He told me that if I hatched out their eggs, I would get 25% pure cayuga, 25% pure mallard and 50% the white bibbed cross. I've done several Google searches to check out the genetics but haven't been able to find anything useful. Was he right or will I just end up with 100% white bibbed crosses?
6 Eggs are under a broody right now and due to hatch right around 6/11.
All but the pure cayugas (IF the guy was right) will be available for sale!
That's not how genetics work. You might have some that look like pure breeds but there is no way to get a pure breed duck from a cross breed. Either the guy has no idea what he's talking about or he was being dishonest.
Probably a bit of both. It was pretty clear he didn't really care about these ducks. Kept all of them in a 10x10 concrete dog run. No bath, no swimming access, and only a lean-to for shelter. Even though he had a large man-made pond/lake about 30' away from the dog run...

When he said that I was like "whaaaat is this fool talking about?"
Glad to know that my suspicions weren't unfounded.
5/7 eggs hatched! One was a dud, and the other was a 4-5 day early death.
The 5 that hatched look NOTHING like Big Brown and Lady except for one. So, I suspect Howard (my french white muscovy drake) is Lady's back door man! Two are black and white pied, one is silver and white pied, and one is all white with one tiny black dot on her chest.
So after all that, I've got moulards! The girls are all spoken for, and the boys will go to freezer camp when the time comes.

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