Cayuga or mixed


Sep 8, 2019
Western Washington
I have 4 “baby” ducks. One is a month old with feathers just starting to come in, the others are almost fully grown. I have a drake who is clearly pure Cayuga. I have a female who I was told was Cayuga, but with many white feathers I assumed were due to age. My other female is Rouen. My Cayuga mom hatched my 3 older babies and my Rouen hatched the 1 month old. All my babies have a few white feathers so I am wonderering if the are full or mixed. I will post pics of each below.
Baby #1

Mixed with Rouen (is my guess), if you look closely there are faint ‘Rouen stripes’ on her head. We have a Black Swedish/Rouen female and she has similar markings around her face.

Is this the 1 month old?

By 2-4 months, males would have dark green heads. Females would too, if she were pure Cayuga, but female Rouens will keep their stripes and males will have green heads.

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