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Dec 2, 2015
Mt. Carmel, TN
Hello! I was wondering if anyone can tell me which line of the cream legbars lay the bluest eggs? I am new to chickens so please overlook my ignorance on the subject. I recently ordered some CCL eggs and assumed they would be that beautiful sky blue color but mine were more green than blue. I later found out that the line of birds they came from (Jill Rees) laid more green than blue eggs. So I'm wondering if anyone knows what line lays those gorgeous blue eggs you see in Google images? I've included a photo of my eggs as well as a photo from Google showing the color I would like to have. Thanks!



7 Years
I don't believe any of the US lines have a true blue egg... I'm sure some are trying to get more blue in their lines but I have not seen anything to speak of thus far... Seems most breeders right now are focusing on feather color and body shape over egg color... The eggs I have seen are a mint green or mint blue/green color...
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