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    Apr 1, 2015
    North Idaho
    Hi Everyone,
    Just looking for some feedback on my HOA Rules. In the CCR's it says "No maintaining of farm animals"...THATS IT! It doesn't go into detail about WHAT can be considered a farm animal. Then, in the very next paragraph, it says that birds, fish, cats, dogs,exotic animals, reptiles and other mammals are permitted so long as they are properly contained. We are raising our chicks from 1 day old, and they are handled more than our cat (HAHA!!)

    This is whats even better....When I called my HOA, I acted like someone who was wanting to buy in the neighborhood..I asked about chickens and the verbally told me absolutely not, no poultry because of odor and nuisance. When I asked them to email me a copy of the CCR's, she emailed me 1 page that she cut in half before scanning it to me, circling the paragraph that stated no maintaining of farm animals. She did not however email me the rest, with the second paragraph as I stated above. Obviously I have the entire copy in my possession because I am a homeowner...but doesn't this sound a little "bully-ish"? Then, to be a smart a** I asked her if rabbits were allowed (since they technically are poultry, classified by the USDA) and she said "YES"...

    I left it at that....

    Feedback, Opinions? Has anyone else faced issues like this?

    Sidenote: City Code allows unlimited hens, just no roosters, as long as they have adequate housing.

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