Cecal worms??

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    Oct 7, 2015
    So I've been letting my chickens out for the past few weeks, letting them enjoy the yard and all it has to offer.
    However, one (and only one) of my girls has slightly runny poop. It's a mixture of runny and solid, and it's particularly fragrant.
    I noticed that in the watery portion today, it looked like somene was moving. Almost 'swimming' in it. When I crouched down to look, it was a worm. This worm was /tiny/... When I say tiny, this thing could easily fit into the eye of a needle and have a lot of room leftover. It didn't look like a roundworm and I'm wondering if it's a cecal worm? It looked like a clear white/yellow in color.

    She eats like a hog and is drinking, and runs around with the other girls like it's her last day. She acts healthy! She's enjoying her dust baths and continues eating, but I've noticed she tends to stand and almost dozes like that, so I'm wondering if she is feeling slightly lethargic? Or if she's just taking a midday nap in the sunshine.

  2. It would probably be a good idea to worm your flock with Valbazen.

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