Cement floor


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8 Years
Apr 26, 2011
We have a chicken tractor. Any problem with raising the birds on a cement pad?? Tired of them ruining the grass (last year I didn't care dice this is now my garden plot). But we have a cement pad that used to have a barn on it. Wondering if I could just put them on there. Move it every few days and hose the poo off where they had been. But also don't want to hurt their feet,legs etc.
It would be okay for their feet if you let them out once a day, but I think that you should let them run free.
Good luck!
Running free is not a choice. Bird flu is big in the MN this year and I have wild turkeys that roam my yard daily. Not to mention we don't own the farmland around our three acres. I can let them out once a day though.

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