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10 Years
May 31, 2009
Middleburg, Fl.
Why did you start doing something that you hate? I haven't run in a long time, but I have a 20,000 acre state forest about 3/4 mile from my house, filled with old abandonned logging roads. I run easy and light, so it's a pleasure to cruise through the woods. In the early morning, you can see lots of animal movement.

Find a pace and a stride that fits you. If you are overweight, it might be best to lose some weight before doing any serious running. The knee joints take a beating, regardless of your weight.


8 Years
Nov 20, 2011
rural central FL
Or age ... I had to stop running in 2000 while I was still in the army due to grinding in my knees. HUGE tip: make sure you have GOOD shoes for it if you decide you want to do this. Go somewhere that has people trained to pick the right shoe for your foot shape and stride style, and don't ignore their advice. That is a painful lesson I learned the hard way. I also recommend alternating with walking days, as walking (especially fast walking) uses different muscles.

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