Central Florida Laying Hens and Chicks $5-20

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    Sep 4, 2008
    Central Florida
    I have a few different breeds and ages up for sale.

    2-6 week old silkie bantam chicks in white, blue, black and three variations of partridge(standard, blu/red, red/black) $5 each.

    8-10 week old Rhode island reds $5 each.

    5 month(approx.) Rhode island reds. $10 each

    8 month old cornish-rock. $10.

    Laying hens at various ages but all under 18 months in these breeds: Barred rocks, Golden lakenvelder, Black sex-link, Buff orpington and Rhode island reds. $20 each.

    I also have a white cochin rooster and a bantam ameracauna rooster. Best offer.

    You can send me a P.M. or you can reach me at 321-987-1682. If I do not answer the phone right away please leave your name and number and any questions you might have and ill return your call as soon as possible to give directions and set up a time to come pick them up. Thanx, my name is B.J.

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