Central Florida Poultry/Small Livestock Swap & Sale June 18th Ocala


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Oct 4, 2008
North Central Florida

Here we go again. Poultry and Small Livestock Swap & Sale. June 18th.
Bring out your poultry, small livestock (piglets, kid goats, lambs, bunnies, etc), farm produce and farm related crafts.
Buy, Swap or Sell.
We have great turnouts of sellers and buyers so come join in the fun.
We will start a running list of what we know is going to be here as we are informed.
Hope to see you all here.
We will make a list of what we are informed of that will be available at this swap.

ThePamperedPullet Host - New Poultry and Livestock Products, turkey poults, Angora mix bunnies, young Serama's, 2 beautiful Black Australorp Cockerals, young Barred Rocks
cmom Wire Cages, I have a lot of Roosters and maybe a few pullets. The Roosters are Isa Browns (8 mos), RIRs, (13 wks) and My Isa Brown hatch (6wks)
Sugar Sand Farm black jersey giant chicks,LF game chicks,possibly some buff orp pullets and some LF cochins
Caddy-Corner-Chick White Cochin Bantams, Red Cochin Bantam, and Gold Laced Wyandotte Bantams.
AT Hagan Midget White turkeys for sure. Maybe some young pullets, pet quality Silkies, and some roosters.
brahmachickenlady large buff brahma chicks
squeak1387 Some chicks, A few laying hens and a few roosters.
FarmCoe two month old Midget White Turkeys
Sjisty quite a few gold partridge Brahma cockerels and pullets as well as some lemon-blue Cochins (I think 3 pullets and 1 cockerel) and a splash Cochin (I think boy
FLChickens 1 gray call duckling male, Assorted white call ducklings (vent sexing today, will update), 2 Welsummer chicks, 1 wheaten Marans chick, Multiple assortment of EE chicks, 5 lop eared bunnies
tadandrita 2--silver duckwing phoenix hens 1 1/2yrs, 1 pair buff orpington chicks 2 1/2mos, 7--easter egger chicks 1 month old, 5--bantam mixed chicks 2 mos, 1--self blue bantam roo 8mos, 1--oeg splash bantam hen 1yr 3mos, 1--phoenix/bantam mixed hen 6 mos
Steven baby quail
floridamama IF we can make it we have a available for sale is; 1 Blue showgirl roo I hatched from an egg last Nov.(He is a proven daddy) pullets: 3 red stars , 2 cal. whites, 1 White Am., 1 Black JG. we have 2 "cockerals" or at least are looking like 1 Am (white), 1 Black JG
Ra_ I may bring some Serama and some Basil plants.
FlChickie LT bramha pullets, red shouldered yokohamas, spitzhaubens(bringing them for ItsAZOO32) all hatched May 18th. Also have Buff Cochin Giants and more yokohmas and some EE/Polish mixes all hatched June 8th. Then some older roos and hens.
dgecko Anyone looking for white silkys? I have silky chicks about a month old + I also have a few ducks as in 6-3/4 grown pekin, 5-2 weeks old Muscovy, 10- rouen 1 month old
Three Cedars Silkies I will have available a few white, splash and black silkies between 5 and 8 weeks of age.
Mr_fixit_77 4 coco maran cross hens, chicken tractor, hen house, bat houses, nest boxes
sableboi young pair/possible trio of dark Brahmas.
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so far we will have some black jersey giant chicks,LF game chicks,possibly some buff orp pullets and some LF cochins as well Will let you know later what exactly we are bringing
I am ready!! I am bringing White Cochin Bantams, Red Cochin Bantam, and Gold Laced Wyandotte Bantams. Possibly more but will need to get organized before then.

Is there a way to set up my vehicle to wear I can put a chair behind it and set up the chickens in the back end for display to avoid a table??
Most everyone unloads and set up in the yard and then park along the road. There is a nice shaded spot at the end of the drive where someone will usually always set up to do just as you are wishing and it works well. We can "reserve " that spot for you if you wish but you would have to be here around 8am because it gets blocked in pretty fast with people parking.
I will have some large buff brahma chicks, but I think they are all boys. I also just hatched my last two eggs from the barred rocks I had which are from Frank Reese's Good Shepard Ranch line, but I think those two are cockerels also.
Maybe I'll clean out some more of my household chicken 'stuff' too.
Been dying to go to this swap. Have some eggs in the bator due before that so ill bring whatever pops out. A few laying hens and a few roosters.

Looking for a mini goat so pm me if you will have some there!!!!!
I have baby keets just hatching under their mama, 11 so far if anybody is interested I could bring them to the swap.

I also have a 5 month old rex/california buck, a 1 year old rex buck, proven breeder, and a 1 year old new zealand doe, proven breeder, if anybody is interested let me know.

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