Cephalexin for ducklings?


Jul 23, 2018
Hi. I hope I’m worrying for nothing but we brought home two ducklings a week ago, approx 6 & 9 weeks old now. They both are acting, eating and pooping fine but the younger one sounds like she has a very slight stuffy nose when she’s at rest (I can see straight through so don’t think there’s any food stuck and they have plenty of fresh water to dunk their heads and clean their nares). I have 250mg cephalexin capsules. If this progresses is it safe to give this to her and at what milligram? I’d have to weigh her for accuracy but I’m thinking she’s a pound, maybe.
What breed is your duckling? Have a video?

There are some breeds, specifically heavyweight breeds like Pekins, that will breathe a little heavier when laying down, even if they have a deep water source provided. If there is no labored breathing, nasal, or ocular discharge, I wouldn't particularly be worried.

In the case that they were showing some of the symptoms mentioned above, it would be better, for wider coverage, to use something like Doxycycline, or Enrofloxacin, as Cephalexin is more for skin infections like Bumblefoot. Please do understand starting an antibiotic when you don't know the underlying cause, can make the problem worse. For example, if you give a bird an antibiotic when the problem is fungal related, that will allow the fungus to better cultivate inside the lungs so it doesn't have to fight against the natural/good bacteria.

For future reference, if you ever do need to use the Cephalexin, take one pill, crush it finely, dissolve it in with 10ml of water. Mix thoroughly. That solution will contain 25mg of cephalexin per ml of the liquid. Using the dose in Plumbs veterinary guide ( 35-50mg/kg PO QID), you would draw anywhere from 0.64, to 0.91ml, and dose per pound, four times daily.
She(?) is a Muscovy. I’ve been watching them both closely since they arrived and at times think I saw a watery nasal drainage, very slight from the one in question. In fact not sure if it wasn't at least in part water from her bowl. I haven’t noticed whatever that was as the day’s worn on but do hear what sounds like a slightly ‘stuffy nose’ but only when she’s sleeping, at this point (and hopefully will stay this way) no tail bobbing. Otherwise she’s peeping, pooping, eating, drinking fine.

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