chainsaw needed for shells!

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    I was a skeptic about the taste of fresh eggs from my girls...only till they started laying! I now enjoy 3 eggs each morning (they are still kinda small). The room temperature truly makes a difference in the egg, but what can I do about their harder than rock shells? I have oyster shell out for the girls free-choice and they must be making use of it. My shells are so hard you almost need a hammer and chisel to get into them. I have yet to get an egg on my plate without shell in it. Sometimes I have to whack it so hard on the side of the bowl that I ruin the perfect yolk in the process. I don't know about you all, but I don't really care to "crunch" my eggs...HELP PLEASE! [​IMG]
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    Crack it on the countertop, not the edge of the bowl.

    The thickness of the shells is not only about the oyster shell they may have eaten. It is also a direct result of good nutrition and the health of your layers. It's a good thing. You just have to get accustomed to the thicker shells.
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    Plus if they just started, and so they have full reserves ready to go for egg making. As they get older, they may get a bit thinner. Plus, as they get larger, the force required to crack a section of shell will be less due to the angle of impact on the curvature on the shell. I also second the idea of cracking on the table (or on a chop stick) till you get used to the force required.

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