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    I am not starting this thread to turn into a debate, just to gain knowledge on a subject I dont know about. [​IMG]

    Things in my life have not been working out for me lately. Instead of taking medications to fix my (undiagnosed) depression Im looking at other more natural options first. A healthier me in more than a physical way.

    I took a Chakra Test.
    My results:

    Root: under-active (-31%)
    Sacral: under-active (-38%)
    Navel: open (25%)
    Heart: open (50%)
    Throat: under-active (-19%)
    Third Eye: open (56%)
    Crown: open (25%)

    It says:
    If the Root Chakra is under-active you tend to be fearful or nervous. Youd easily feel unwelcome.

    If the Sacral Chakra is under-active you tend to be stiff and unemotional or have a "poker face". Youre not very open to people.

    If the Throat Chakra is under-active you tend not to speak much, and you probably are introvered and shy.

    I found these to be all true.
    Can anyone give me anything on Chakras?

    If you took the test what were your results and do you believe it to be true?
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    Oct 18, 2009
    Hi Sarah

    I have just done this test too and here are my results:

    Root: under-active (-25%)
    Sacral: open (13%)
    Navel: under-active (-44%)
    Heart: open (56%)
    Throat: under-active (-6%)
    Third Eye: open (31%)
    Crown: open (13%)

    I don't know much about chakras but it is interesting that we are both under-active on some of the same things. I am currently on anti-depressants and find life generally difficult so it would be interesting if you find some 'alternative' way of coping or learn to balance your chakras.

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    Mar 17, 2008
    The library would probably have books you could borrow on chakras. I don't know anything about them.

    I took the test and it was amazing how accurate that was!!
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    You need to see a Reki Master.
    I am one but I personally don't like distance sessions.

    Look on the internet you should find one. I work for donations, so should the ones near you. But you can negotiate what you think their time and your health is worth.
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    Apr 30, 2009
    Central KY
    Root: under-active (6%)
    Sacral: open (44%)
    Navel: open (50%)
    Heart: open (50%)
    Throat: open (63%)
    Third Eye: under-active (6%)
    Crown: under-active (0%)

    I would not have expected my root to be under-active, as I really do feel secure and confident MOST of the time...although these are insecure times. Probably more than anything, I'm worried about employment and finances, etc..

    I'm pretty surprised about the third-eye chakra being under-active, as it would indicate that I'm not very good at thinking for myself, that I rely on authorities, and "beliefs" too much, or that I get confused easily. That's not at all like me...if other people did my thinking, I highly doubt I'd be on a farm at 31 years of age with goats and chickens and a bunch of dogs, etc.. I'm not a big fan of so-called "authorities," either, and I have very little in the way of any hard-and-fast beliefs.. As for confusion....yeah, maybe....but only about this chakra being considered under-active.. [​IMG]

    Also, the crown is supposedly under-active, which would indicate a lack of spiritual awareness and rigid also mentions tolerance, as though someone who had an under-active crown chakra would be somewhat intolerant.. That's not me at all.. Not to mention, it says that an over-active crown chakra says you're intellectualizing too much and may be addicted to spirituality...which, to me, is sort of oxymoronic.. I've never known someone that I'd say was reaaaaally spiritual who also tended to intellectualize things. Quite the opposite, in fact.

    All in all...I don't put much stock into this.
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    Sep 2, 2009
    I can't say I'm a 'believer' but ancient wisdoms were oft created as an explanation for the physical, and thus applicable in their own way. So, for various reasons, I've collected a lot of information on this kind of stuff. YMMV. I've never really found it works for me, but a couple friends swear by it and it seems to do them good.

    First Chakra
    The Base Chakra is about familial beliefs, superstitions, loyalty, instincts, physical pain and physical pleasure. This Chakra's formation was accomplished between 0 and 5 years of age. The first chakra is known as the Root Chakra. It is located at the base of the spine. The root chakra is the center of our basic energy or life force. Its color is red. Physically it deals with the functions of circulation and reproduction, the immune system, legs, bones and feet and the rectum. Emotionally it is connected with survival, the ability to stand up for yourself, feeling at home, group safety and security, social and family law and order, the ability to provide for yourself and grounding it is the least complicated of all the chakras.
    Positive: will-to-live, to survive, Active, Sensory, Sexual, Manifesting, Practical
    Negative: afraid of change, aggression, reckless, insecure, untrusting, fatigued
    Time: Now
    Needs: Physical contact, Sensory gratification
    Challenges: To sense beyond the senses, to plan before action, to be receptive
    Other Names: Root, base, muladhara, Kundalini (Sanskrit)
    Element: Earth
    Stones: Ruby, Bloodstone, Rhodonite, Quartz, Petrified Wood, Onyx, Jasper, Garnet, Tiger's Eye, Hematite, Smoky Quartz, Black Tourmaline, Lodestone, Bloodstone, Garnet, Onyx, Ruby and Obsidian
    Area of consciousness: physical body
    Importance: location of the kundalin
    Essential oils: ginger, curry (garam masala), magnolia, lotus, pine, musk, vetivert. Rosewood, Frankincense
    Musical note: C
    Planet - Saturn
    Metal - Lead
    Incense: Cedar, Rosemary, Clove.
    Flower Essence: Corn, Clematis, and Rosemary.
    Sacred Truth - All Is One
    Affirmation: I trust my Higher Self to fulfill all my needs. My life is full of prosperity.
    Underactive: An underactive root chakra can lead to a lack of energy, and feeling as if you are "rootless" and have no true home, you may also feel need for approval or attention.
    Balanced: When balanced, it will help you act wisely and with moderation. It will also help ease fears and bring awareness of experiences and talents from past lives.
    Overactive: An overactive root chakra can lead to a person being obsessively sexual, reckless or hyperactive.

    Second Chakra
    This chakra center is the center for sexual energy and pure emotion. It relates to sexuality, creativity, emotions such as anger, fear, and our feeling concerning food and sex. The second chakra is also known as the sex chakra. It is located about an inch below the navel. It's the center that is used to help detoxify the body. Its color is orange.
    Physically it deals with the functions of the adrenal glands, and influences the reproductive system, the large intestine, pelvis, bladder, lower vertebra, appendix and the muscular system. Emotional issues connected to the navel chakra include blame and guilt, money and sex, power and control, creativity and ethics and honor in a relationship.
    Positive: Humanitarian, Hospitable, Expansive, Optimistic, Warm, and Altruistic
    Negative: Selfish/Proud, Mistrustful, Power-seeking, Ostentatious, Manipulative, lustfulness
    Time: Do Now for Future
    Needs: Social Contact, Acceptance in group/family, Respect, Good reputation
    Challenges: To belong to the family of man through love and service.
    Other Names: Sacral, sexual, svadhisthana (Sanskrit)
    Element: Water
    Stones: Quartz, Carnelian, Amber, Jasper, Bloodstone, Garnet, Orange Tourmaline, Peach Moonstone, Hematite, Coral
    Area of consciousness: emotional
    Governs: feelings of sexuality, and creativity
    Essential oils; musk, hyacinth, bergamot, coriander, honeysuckle, patchouli, Sandalwood, Jasmine, Rose
    Musical note is D
    Planet - Mars
    Metal - Iron
    Incense: Gardenia, Sandalwood.
    Flower Essence: Hibiscus, Willow, Oak, and Elm.
    Sacred Truth - Honor One Another
    Affirmation: I accept and acknowledge my sexuality. My physical health is strong and pure.
    Under active: When underactive, it may cause restlessness, confusion, mistrust, and person anti-social behavior. A person with an underachieving chakra may have trouble opening up to others.
    Balanced: When balanced, a person will be gratified emotionally. It brings courage, and attraction to others. It also helps creativity.
    Overactive: When overactive, it may result in a person who is arrogant, selfish, lustful, conceited and power-hungry.

    Third Chakra
    This chakra holds our formed personality, our wishes and desires and our willing ability to manifest them. Here is our power for compassion, charity, and true justice. The third chakra is in the solar plexus area, close to the navel, and its color is yellow. Physically it deals with the workings of the digestive system, the stomach, the liver, gall bladder, kidneys, middle spine and adrenals. Emotional issues connected with the solar plexus chakra are trust, fear, intimidation, self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-respect. Responsibility for making decisions, sensitivity to criticism and personal honor.
    Positive: Logical, Creative, Flexible, Eloquent, Self-aware, Methodical, And Efficient
    Negative: Critical, Contradictory, Verbose, Egotistical, Judgmental, And Separative
    Time: Past to present to future
    Needs: To live in an orderly world. To express individuality. To shine intellectually.
    Challenges: To end separation and merge with the One in all.
    Other Names: Solar Plexus, manipura (Sanskrit)
    Element: Fire
    Stones: Quartz, Citrine, and Topaz
    Area of consciousness: mental or intellectual body, this includes thoughts, opinions and judgments.
    Governs: emotional issues and issues of personal power.
    Musical note is E.
    Planet - Jupiter
    Metal - Tin
    Crystals - Jasper, Yellow Tourmaline, Citrine, Amber, Golden Topaz, Tiger's Eye
    Essential Oils - Cinnamon, Geranium
    Incense: Carnation.
    Flower Essence: Chamomile, Peppermint, and Golden Yarrow, Lemongrass.
    Sacred Truth - Honor Oneself
    Affirmation: In a smooth and healthy way, I release all unresolved emotions. I claim my personal power.
    Underactive: When underactive, a person may feel aloof, isolated, and may be afraid to explore new opportunities.
    Balanced: When balanced, one lives in peace and new learning opportunities are presented. It brings selfless service to others.
    Overactive: When overactive, it shows one who is judgmental and has a quick temper. It also represents one who is stubborn and critical.

    Fourth Chakra
    This Chakra is the "center" of the system. The balance between the spiritual and the physical. It is about the ability to love freely and unconditionally and controls the creative process. The fourth chakra is the heart chakra and its color is Green. Physically it influences the immune system the thymus gland, heart and circulation, tissue regeneration, lungs, shoulders and arms, ribs, chest/breast and the diaphragm. Emotionally it is connected with love and hatred, resentment and bitterness, grief and anger, self-centeredness, loneliness and commitment, forgiveness and compassion, hope and trust. problems and breast cancer.

    Positive: Generous, Vital, Powerful, Secure, Openhearted, Nurturing, Self-assertive, Compassionate, Expansive,
    Negative: Miserly, Depleted, Self-doubting, Insecure, Possessive/jealous, Selfish, Attached, Envious, Mistrustful,
    Time: Moves between past, present and future seeking confirmation and security.
    Needs: To feel secure. To feel assertive and powerful. To love and be loved.
    Challenges: To love without attachment. To conquer possessiveness. To master doubt, fear, mistrust, and insecurity
    Other Names: Heart, anahata (Sanskrit)
    Element: Air
    Stones: Quartz, Moldavite, Malachite, Peridot, Moss Agate, Moonstone, Aventurine, Emerald, Rose Quartz, Jade, Peridot, Aventurine
    Area of Consciousness: astral body
    Governs: love, compassion, and unconditional acceptance for others
    Essential oils: attar of rose, jasmine, and amber.
    Musical note is F.
    Planet - Sun
    Metal - Gold
    Incense: Lavender or Jasmine.
    Flower Essence: Holly, Poppy, and Wild Rose, Heather.
    Sacred Truth - Love is Divine Power
    Affirmation: I freely and easily give and receive love. I totally forgive myself and others for all past errors and judgments.
    Underactive: When underactive, it shows a person who is unemotional or feels unloved. The person with an underactive heart chakra may have a weak will as well.
    Balanced: When balanced, the heart chakra may open one up to the ability to heal. It also helps balance the other chakras. It brings pure love as well.
    Overactive: When overactive, it may cause a person to be overly confidant, jealous, and angry.

    Fifth Chakra
    This chakra governs our speech, hearing, and communication of self-expression. It is the beginning seat of our intuition. It is about the expression of the truth that we know in our heart. The fifth chakra is located in the throat area and its color is blue. Physically it ties in with the functions of the esophagus, thyroid, parathyroid, trachea, mouth, teeth and gums. Emotionally it is connected to choice and strength of will, personal expression, following your dream, using personal power to create, addiction, judgment and criticism, faith and knowledge and the capacity to make decisions.
    Positive: Content, Idealistic, Patient, Creative, Peaceful, Truthful,
    Negative: Smug, Dogmatic, Fanatic, Rigid, Negative, And Critical
    Time: Past
    Needs: To attain inner peace. To find mental security. To live an ideal.
    Challenges: To find confirmation within rather than from others. To let go of memories. To live in the present.
    Other Names: Throat, visuddha (Sanskrit)
    Element: Sound
    Stones: Turquoise, Amazonite, Chrysocolla, Azurite, Quartz, Boji stone, Lapis, Blue Opal, Aquamarine, Blue Topaz, Aquamarine
    Area of consciousness: etheric body
    Governs: communication, expression of thoughts and feelings
    Essential oils: lilac, patchouli, and frankincense. Myrrh
    Musical note is G.
    Planet - Venus
    Metal - Copper
    Incense: Frankincense.
    Flower Essence: Cosmos and Trumpet Vine.
    Sacred Truth - Surrender of Personal Will to Divine Will (I think the truth here is more of accepting things that I can't change and stop struggling against them.)
    Affirmation: I easily and gracefully express my deepest feelings and emotions.
    Underactive: When underactive, one may resist change, be depressed, and be stubborn.
    Balanced: When balanced, a person will have foresight into laws of natural phenomena, calmness, serenity, and have a good command of speech.
    Overactive: When overactive, a person may be domineering, hyperactive, and may speak harshly to others.

    Sixth Chakra
    This is our source of intuition and insight. Our sense of spirituality, and inner awareness of self through inner and outer sight, visions, and dreams. The sixth chakra is also known as the Brow Chakra. It's located in the middle of the forehead, right between the eyebrows and its color is indigo. Physically it influences the immune system, the eyes, nervous system, nose, brain, pituitary gland, pineal gland and sinuses. Emotionally it is connected to self-evaluation, truth, intellectual abilities, feelings of adequacy, openness to the ideas of others, ability to learn from experience and emotional intelligence.

    Positive: Supersensitive, Visionary, Aesthetic, Abstract, Inspired, Telepathic, and Creative
    Negative: Inefficient, Cruelty, Injustice, Forgetful, Undisciplined, Unable to manifest.
    Time: Future needs, to feel at one with the universe. To have a conflict-free relationship.
    Challenges: To make real the vision of the future. To manifest. To refine the supersense.
    Other Names: Third Eye, Brow, ajna (Sanskrit)
    Element: Light
    Stones: Amethyst, Quartz, Lapis Lazuli, Azurite, Sugilite, Herkimer Diamond, Moldavite, Flourite, Sapphire, Turquoise, and Moonstone
    Area of consciousness: celestial body
    Governs: spirituality and the search for meaning in life, intuition, and visualization
    Essential oils: rose, amber, sandalwood, Rosemary, Basil, and Clary Sage
    Musical note is A.
    Planet - Moon
    Metal - Silver
    Incense: Mugwort or Eucalyptus.
    Flower Essence: Wild Oat and Queen Anne's Lace.
    Sacred Truth - Seek only the Truth
    Affirmation: My inner vision is clear and strong. I trust my intuition and inner vision.
    Underactive: When underactive, it may cause a person to be forgetful or to worry a lot. The person may be overly superstitious as well.
    Balanced: When balanced, a person will have a creative imagination and good visualization. Also, a person will probably be able to see things that other people cannot see, such as visions and spirits.
    Overactive: When overactive, it causes a person to be impatient, fearful, and overly sensitive.

    Seventh Chakra
    This is the chakra that gives us our sense of Oneness and connection to the cosmic consciousness. Here is the ability to receive light from the source and it is our connection to our higher self. The seventh chakra is located at the top of the head and its color is violet. Physically it affects the functions of the muscular system, skeletal system and skin. Emotionally it is connected to the ability to trust in life, values, ethics and courage, humanitarianism, selflessness, ability to see the "big picture", faith and inspiration, spirituality and devotion.
    Positive: Creative, Charming, Sense of wonder and mystical instinct for divine order, Power of transformation.
    Negative: Inefficient, Unable to live in the Now. Spaced-out, Forgetful, Fearful of future.
    Time: Past, Present and Future
    Needs: To bring order out of chaos. Eternal communion with the Universe. Annihilation of time.
    Challenges: To be disciplined in manifestation. To transform the self-image with the power of the imagination.
    Other Names: Crown, sahasrara (Sanskrit)
    Element: Thought
    Stones: Cookeite, Sugilite, Herkimer Diamond, Quartz, Moldavite, Amber, Diamond, Amethyst
    Area of Consciousness: ketheric body
    Governs: our connection to the concept of "God" or a higher intelligence
    Essential oils: Rosewood, Lavender, and Sandalwood
    Musical note is B
    Planet - Mercury
    Metal - Mercury
    Incense: Lotus, Lavender, Sage, and Juniper.
    Flower Essence: Lotus, Angelica, and Tulip.
    Sacred Truth - Live in the Present Moment
    Affirmation: I accept and acknowledge my spirituality.
    Underactive: When underactive, this chakra leads one to have low self-esteem or a negative self-image. The person may feel misunderstood as well.
    Balanced: When balanced, it shows a person who is wise and understands all. It links us to higher forces. The person who has a purified crown chakra is very spiritual indeed.
    Overactive: When overactive, a person may have a strong desire to feel popular or wanted, and may have a very erotic imagination.
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    Hi! I have a new-age shop in Monroe, CT and have spent the past five monthly newsletters reviewing each of the chakras in turn. I don't have an online store so I am not trying to "sell" anyone anyything but if you'd like to learn more the Talisman website is In addition, I am a freelance writer and was invited to blog on a newly-developed platform by Hearst Publications (who own many newspapers here in CT as well as a being a pretty huge publishing house) visit my blog at

    of us become unbalanced due to a combination of factors. Poor diet, inadequate sleep, stress, the constant technological onslaught (computers, cell phones, TV on constantly even while we try to fall asleep) and in fact it has been scientifically proven that our earth's poles have in fact shifted dramatically over the past decade to the point the equator is entirely "off" what is on most modern globes. Personally, I think chemicals - in our food, cleaning products, and air itself - is causing incredible damage. Think about growing up ... remember peanut butter sandwiches??? I have four children - none can take peanut butter to school because there are at least one or more kids in their classes who are highly allergic. This was always a staple of every kids' diet ... so what happened? How about chemicals so toxic you can spray down your tub and leave the room and they "clean" by themselves - I don't care how much you rinse, there is no way that residue does not remain. And that's where we bathe our children! Oh, on one newsletter (they are listed in the "news" category and archived by month) I list some recipes for handmade cleaners - I don't use much from the grocery store.

    Finding time to connect spiritually, physically and mentally - learning, readng, meditating, praying - are all key to self-balance. I am grateful to my little flock as they have me going outside twice a day (usually much more!) to feed, clean, water and just sit and watch and let my mind drift away. So sweet.

    And in reviewing many posts on BYC I believe I am probably preaching to the choir. Seems like many are looking at the "old ways" of doing things - because those things were cost effective, easy ... and actually work!!!

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    I took the test and had an over-open chakra on throat (meaning I talk too much, which is true). Very interesting test, thanks for the link! [​IMG]

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