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Jan 11, 2010
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well i don't remember if ya'll remember my thread about mr. pathetic that just didn't seem to understand that after several months of me NOT responding, i didn't want to talk to him anymore!!!!

i got a text again, the same one i always get. hey buddy how have you been? what the heck!? soo i went to the T-mobile store today. asked if i could block the number. they said sure. i said cool, this guy just doesn't get that after several months of no responses i don't wana text him.. he said ohh it won't block text messages
so i changed my number

while i was there i also asked them about my phone not sending or receieving picture messages often. i told him that i went in on monday and the guy gave me a new sim card cuz mine was 7 years old. that's what he thought the issue was.. nope.. apparently crackberries need to have the internet on the phone to send and receieve picture messages... why has NO ONE told me that. i have had a crackberry for like 4 years now!!! the first one i had never really had a problem. just sometimes receiving them but i could eventually get it after i hit the retry. it doesn't work with my new one. oh well. sending pictures works sometimes.. receiving them.. uhhh maybe like one in five?? oh well.

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