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  1. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~Plot~~~~~~~~~~~~

    The earth has changed and shifted, what was once a planet that had many cities and towns now has few cities scattered, the land is beautiful of course, the earth has reclaimed its land and recreated it to be beautiful and natural again, the cities that are left are divided, as humanity has changed too, humans have grown wings, horns, tails, etc, and thus they are divided by how they look, the goverment has done its best to seperate everyone, each type of person, say, people with wings, all live in one city and people with tails live in another, and so on. However, the sorting is long and slow and many people have started to rebel wars breaking out, attacks on the goverment, its really bad, many people, kids mostly have left their cities to create a new city, one where everyone, no matter how they look, will be accepted, it is hard to do this when everyone is fighting, you will need to put aside your differences and work together to save everyone from the impending wars. Can you?


    Leader(2):The two teenagers (both have to be seventeen) who decided to create their only city (must be of the same city)

    Supporter(10): The people who supported the idea (must be fourteen or older and of different species)

    Follower(unlimited): Those who follow the leaders (age doesnt matter, species must vary)

    Skeptics(unlimited): Those who grudgingly follow the leaders but are skeptical of whether or not it will work (age doesnt matter, species vary)

    Prideful(5):Those who are too proud to put aside their differences and think that they are better (age doesnt matter, must be of the same species)

    Goverment(10):The people who try to stop everyone from building a new city (must be twenty or older, of same species)


    The winged: Normal people with wings ranging from bat wings to bird wings to everythingin between, The Winged are proud, noble, and they absolutly hate rulebreakers

    The animalistic: They tend to have ears or tails or both, cheerful and kind they want nothing more then peace between the races

    The horned: These people have horns of varying animals, from bulls to moose to deer, they are tough and independent


    The City of Flight: This is where The Winged live, a big city like New York with clean streets and tidy buildings its a very nice, clean, safe city to live in

    The City of Anim: A smaller city then The City of Flight it looks normal, its not all crisp and clean like The Winged's city but its very nice

    The City of Strough: A city bigger then Anim but smaller then Flight, Strough is a place where there are many fights breaking out, there are many gangs around and it seems to be a very poor city


    One: Be nice to everyone, please

    Two: Keep all ooc fights ffffaaaaarrrrrrr away from here please

    Three: All BYC rules must be followed

    Four: This is, in fact, a Work In Progress roleplay, I would like if everyone could refrain from telling me about spelling/grammar mistakes

    Five: If you read the rules, put Yolorosa in your form some where (props for anyone who gets it)

    Six: I am boss here, please listen to me

    Seven: Godmodders will be asked to leave

    Eight: A wound, depending on how bad it is, must take a real day, or week to heal

    Nine: No. Magic. Powers. At. All

    Ten: No phyiscal violence, arguements? Fine, violence? No.

    Eleven: Instead of Yolorosa put Mindfang in your form (props for anyone who gets it)

    Twelve: Do not roleplay until I accept your character

    Thirteen: If I dont accept your character, please remind me

    Fourteen: If I ask you to please change a certain thing on your form, please do

    Fifteen: There are no mixed races, nor are there normal humans



    Last Name:


    Name: Lucy
    Last Name: Pines
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Species: Winged
    Appearance: Long light blond hair and blue eyes, she stands about 5'6 and has white wings, she's rather pale
    Personality: Very kind and sweet, she hates fighting and wants it to stop. She really likes wearing classical lolita
    Rank: Supporter
    Likes: Cute things, sweets, candy
    Dislikes: Spicy foods, odd things, gross things
    History: N/A
    Other: Despite being quite different, she and Elliot are great friends
    Username: ZephyrWestWind

    Name: Elliot
    Last Name: Tyne
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Species: animalistic
    Appearance: She has short brown hair and brown eyes, she has brown tabby cat ears and tail, she stands at 6'2 and always wears a thin black hoodie
    Personality: Tough and strong, she's a loner more then anything, she's quite sarcastic as well
    Rank: Follower
    Likes: Spicy foods, sports, running
    Dislikes: Dresses, skirts, nicknames, anything girly
    History: N/A
    Other: Despite being different she and Lucy are great friends
    Username: ZephyrWestWind
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  2. Forms have been posted! Feel free to join!
  3. Name: Ariana
    Last Name: Pachis
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Species: Winged
    Appearance: Below
    Personality: Competitive, smart, loves a challenge, but is very prideful
    Rank: Prideful
    Likes: Books, Birch trees, autumn, all things autumn related, spicy things, cinnamon light coats, boots, jeans and standards. She also likes Architecture
    Dislikes: Weak people, the horned, the plains, the ocean, booty shorts, not long sleeves, bitter food, sour things, and beans. For some reason, she hates beans.
    History: Ariana was never as up tight about rules as other winged, making them look down on her. She is still pretty morally uptight, consisting of modesty, language, and such. She eventually got so upset with her parents lectures, that she left.
    Other: Mindfang
    Username: Dragapacacorn.

    ==>Dragapacacorn: FTFO because there is another Homestuck fan on BYC
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  4. Accepted! Thanks for joining!
  5. Sweet! Do you want to Roleplay?

  6. ((If we dont get enough people *cough*people join please*cough* im going to make a ton of characters to rp until we get more people, and I am going to be adding a few new species and stuff too))
  7. (Do you think i could join?)

    (Have not read Homestuck...... I'm still not entirely sure what it is....)
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  8. ((Hello! You most certainly can join))

    ((Hehe, and thats completely fine! Its not a requirment in any sort of way, its just a current obbsession of mine))
  9. ((I'D STOP OBSESSING OVER HOMESTUCK BUT I ALREADY SOLD MY SOUL TO HUSSIE. Eh, my ginger brother already has my soul so it's his problem.

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