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Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by speckledhen, Jan 23, 2008.

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    I took away two of Suede's four girls and two of Scout's three girls. Yep, and they weren't happy to see their women on the outside of the fence with the entire laying flock and Hawkeye. Charlotte, my blue Ameraucana, kept wanting to be picked up and carried around and even Nelda, my shy Speckled Sussex girl, flew up to my DH's arm to get away from the pecking hordes below. Scout is very upset that they're gone. The two Brahmas, Miranda and Caroline, have been with the flock before, so they are not completely in the dark about where everything is in the main coop. A good sign is that Nelda laid her egg in the new (to her) coop today. So, hopefully, I will be able to keep them with the layers. Hawkeye is very gentle and sweet and does not mate new girls right away, so they'll be safe from his attentions for a couple of days, most likely. So they will get to mesh with the flock a little before having to contend with a new rooster's attentions.

    One reason I did it today is that both Charlotte and Nelda are favored by Scout over Silver and were wearing saddles. Poor Nelda is practically bald, too! Now, they're free of the saddles. The saddles were washed, dried and are now on Skye and Velvet, who are beginning to lose feathers in their saddle areas. Also, I was beginning to occasionally have a difficult time telling Miranda's egg from Velvet's and I didn't want to accidentally put hers in a hatching egg order of Blue Orps. Scout and Silver will be gone by the end of this weekend to their new owner, along with the extra Ameraucana chicks, leaving only Gabriel, my Barred Rock cockerel, his little sister, Zoe,(at least I sure hope Zoe isn't a late-blooming Zachary!) and Kate's Ameraucana pullet I'm keeping for her for another week or so. I may put them in the Ameraucana's little coop by themselves temporarily till Zoe is a little larger. Gabriel is absolutely large enough to go in with the main flock, but I don't want Zoe to be alone. So my game of Musical Chickens begins...
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    OK, I have to admit...I was lost there for a minute...names, coops, yards....then I re read it...I think I got it straight! LOL We are getting ready to "divide and conquor" here as well. Have to get the ladies in with "thier" men...and the extra boys out in the bachlor pad. This is a job, I do NOT look forward too. Everyone will be upset...crying..and paceing for days! Breaks my heart...but it has to be done!
    You have a leg up on my there Cyn...I bet you are glad its done and over with...for now!
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    Jan 30, 2007
    It's time for that to happen here also...I have two hens in with my blue/black/splashes that are brahma and buff orp... they are not going to be happy campers....
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    Doesn't everybody know the names of every one of my flock members, Deb, LOL? [​IMG] For those who are lost here, my Blue Orp boy and his two Blue Orp girls also had a Lt. Brahma and a Buff Brahma who have been with him from the beginning. Used to be, I could tell the diff between the Lt Brahma's egg and the older Blue Orp girl's, but it changed a little. I needed only Orps in that pen, so the Brahmas got the boot. Eventually, he will get several more Orpington girls for his harem and I won't have to be unsure if an egg I pick up is really an Orp egg.
    My Ameraucana boy has two blue girls and one odd girl out, my Speckled Sussex. He and one of his girls are sold and going to their new home, leaving me with one blue Ameraucana girl and my SS girl. They needed to be with the laying flock now, so they also got the boot. When Scout and his girl are gone, the hexagonal Ameraucana coop will be empty. Older chicks that I am keeping will be moved to that coop in prep for chicks in my bsmt brooder to be moved out to the nursery coop where the older ones have been living. See? Musical Chickens!
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    And when the music stops....the last standing chick...gets the boot! [​IMG]

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