Changing my feed up, what do you think.

Backyard Bruce

Apr 11, 2018
Sullivan County, N.Y.
I have a mixed flock of laying hens, non laying hens and a rooster (might possibly show some day).
I've been feeding them layer feed the feed didn't state what percentage calcium was in it but it did state that it was only 16% protein of which I wasn't really happy with for their feathers

I went to a different mill which had 20% protein feed which they call "Game Bird Feed" and I have oyster shell on the side.

Here's the tag, what do you think of this stuff for my type of flock.
The higher protein one is better. The rooster and non-laying hens do not need the calcium. Offer some oyster shell's separate on the side for the laying hen's to help themselves to what they feel that they need.
Are your non-laying hens young or old? If different ages something like a flockraiser might be better. You can provide poultry grit and oyster shell on the side.
All the birds are same age (~9months) there is only really two hold outs to laying at this point (two polish pullets)

They don't have anything like flock raiser, this is what they say they sell as an "all flock" and yes I have both poultry grit and oyster shell on the side.
The ingredients look very similar just in a little different order. Looks like the purina may have some different natural ingredients not offered in the Game bird food I have...
I'll try this stuff and see how they react to as far as their stool and plumage.

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