Changing Ordinances in King George County, Virginia


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Several years back we decided to raise a small backyard flock. I did all due diligence in making sure it was allowed, and was told that as long as our HOA didn't mind, it would be fine. There were also two other families with chickens in our subdivision at the time, so we went ahead.

We were told wrong. Less than a year later, we had an unexpected visit from the zoning officer and despite all my arguments that these were pets, not agricultural animals. I went before the board, and, and was basically told to go away. So we were forced to rehome our girls, including my daughter's beloved bantam cochins (both of whom are now dead--they couldn't survive as farm chickens).

I didn't bother trying again with that particular group of people. However, our county now has a new board of supervisors, a new county administrator, and soon a new zoning administrator. They've recently passed an ordinance allowing beekeeping in residential areas! I think the time is ripe to try to get the ordinance changed.

I'm in the process of researching the surrounding counties' rules and then I will put together a proposal for the board. But when I go before the board again, they're going to want to know that I'm not the only one in the county who wants this ordinance changed. So I'm hoping to round up some supporters here.



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You may want to pop in your state thread HERE and see if you have any neighbors that may be able to help you.

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