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  1. All BYC rules must be followed

    So this thread is where you can talk about your ocs (Original characters) from any forum or rp, I made this because I personally love hearing all about other peoples characters and their stories and the owner of character views on his or her oc. You can talk about as many characters that you like and you can put input (Only nice or polite) on someone else's character

    Me rules:

    ·Be nice to other people, you may put your opinion but if it's something you don't like about another person's character, say it nicely and with respect for the owner of the character

    ·No opinion is a stupid opinion go and say what you feel just be nice

    ·No character is a stupid character, please go ahead and post a character and tell us about it, please post in a forum of what you think we need to know though ex) List the name description age personally, etc just like you were making a character for a role play

    ·All ocs are welcome, from cats to bats from humans to dragons EVERYTHING is aloud

    ·Please go ahead and put input on any character you like, may it be yours or mine or his or hers

    · Lastly if someone gives you an opinion on something they don't like about your character, don't yell at them just try to understand what the don't like about the oc then try to reason with them in a positive and polite way

    That's that, have fun signed Frosty
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    Cool idea :)! I don't have any OC's at the moment but I love drawing so I will probably have some to post in the future.
  3. f

    Thanks! And that's totally fine
  4. I'll post my all time favorite oc of mine first, it was the first oc I've ever made

    Name: Willowfrost/ Willowstar
    Gender: Female
    Role Play: Every warrior cat rp i join (loves her to death, pretty much my fursona)
    Personally: very loyal and independent, lead like etc
    Description: Beautiful silver she-cat with one white ear (always the right ear) and her left side of her face is mangled, depending on the rp she will cover it up with a large leaf, she has ice blue eyes (well eye since she's missing her left eye)
    History: She was born a loner and when she was a kit a badger attacked her brother and killed him insistently and the badger whirled around and swiped at her, mangling her face, her mother charged the badger and Willow got away, she's found on clan territory half dead and there she's taken in and trains to be the best warrior she can be, passing other cats expectations about her with half blindness, though she does challenge the warrior code timeand time again she is the most loyal and determined cat you'll probably meet
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    Ohhhhhhhhhh neat!this is one of my OC.she is a elk lol.
    Role play:<>battle of the elements<>a elk role play.
    Personally:kind, can be cold at times.
    Description:pure black fur with a white muzzle, ears, face, tail and hoofs.
    History:her parents were killed.

    And, my favoret character yet.
    Role play:*hidden nature*a shapeshifteing RP.
    Personally:quiet, shy, stands up for what she thinks is right, smart, speaks her mind always.
    Description:shehas long silver hair with calm green eyes.she always carries at least two weapons.most of the time make that her magic and her black sword.she wears a pair of tan pants with a black shirt.
    History:eek:ne night, on a cold night.a group of pepole came to morganas house, she was only 10 then.her sister heater dragged her into a closet and locked the door shut.her eyes widened in fear as she her shrill screams from her mother.for she didnt know, hat these pepole were her greast enemy:Erica and her allies.her mother and father were killed, leaving only her brother arthur fleeing the house, unknowing that his sisters were still inside.she can recall what Erica said,"I will be back, morgana, and I will kill you.morgana and heather left the house, a young lady named Petra took them in, and one night, one evil night, Erica murdered Petra, making heather and morgana flee.she has had many fights with Erica, but she won't forget to soon what happened.

    Like her?
  6. Ohhh I like the depth you put into Morgana, she sounds fun to role play. As for Serena black is very popular color and it can get boring seeing all these black animals (but I can't say much, seeing I myself have a few too) but if you markings on them that makes them lest bland them just she's a black elk, so I like the white markings. As for everyone's parents dying everywhere well...see that can be considered unoriginal but I personally believe it gives you free reigns on a character (at the moment I can't think of one of my ocs that has
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    Yeah, I really love morgana.i see, yeah black Is bland.

  8. Yeah black can be bland unless you add something to it, like white markings. On the subject of white markings they don't have to be just on black animals (Example, Willowfrost has one white ear) and markings can always be other colors
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    (There is a new wolf RP if you want too. And the dragon RP has been replied too.)
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    Sweet thread!

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