Cheap but good incubators?

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Mar 17, 2007
My mother claims we MUST have a turner, since she doesn't want to turn them, and the cheapest i can place one like this is about $80 dollars.

Is this the best I can do, or can someone give me a better idea? It'd be used for chickens only AFAIK, and we probably need room for at least a dozen eggs, ideally two or three.

I'm so new to this, and while we have a broody hen, she doesn;t seem to like the eggs we put under her and kicked all but two our from under her...
Which incubator did you find with a turner for $80?? I see the Hovabator 1602 with 1611 turner on for around $92 plus shipping. From what I've heard the Little Giants tend to be problematical and require a good bit of extra attention to them.

I found little giants were cheaper than the rest (for a larger bator)...I paid $89 for a circulated air LG 9200, and then it was $40 for the turner...Not bad compared to the Hovabator I wanted - with out a turner!
I found the new LG's work alot better than older ones...You just have to know how to use them (not trying to start a love/hate debate about them, just my opinion
I have an LG problems and Im a first time user...I started hatching yesterday and Im popping them out!!!!



did alot of reading on humidity...and its really not that far so good.
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