cheap easy effective homemade chicken feeder


10 Years
Mar 24, 2009
Fort Wayne
Hi all, I just built two chicken feeders in about ten minutes that are fantastic, Heres how I did it. I took a 30" piece of 3" PVC pipe and a 6" end cap, I measured up 2" up on the pipe and cut half way through the pipe and the cut that piece out leaving the full length on half of the pipe, then I drilled two 1/4" holes through the cap and the uncut pipe and put two 1/4" bolts through the hole and walla, the easiest feeder to make imaginable, it holds about one of the icecream buckets you get from walmart. To mount it, I put a 4 1/2" screw through the pipe and into a brace in the cage at the right height so the chickens have to reach up a bit to get to the food, they went right after it. Next is a drip watering system, I got the nipples from farm tech yesterday.

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