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I don't know if this has been previously shared on the forum, but I found this while searching YouTube

I made a couple changes to mine, namely hole size and location, that helped even more. These literally took minutes to make. I only wished that I had some of green bottles, as the quail see thru the clear ones and can't figure out where the holes are. It is humorous to watch.

I followed the instructions for the waterer and it works very well. The link might be faulty, as I am having trouble getting BYC to load multiple files:
Ooh I like that idea a lot! Especially with all the bottled water ive been drinking lately...What is the name of the video?
Edit: oh wait never mind I didn't realize the name was at the top of the video. (Blush)
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I like it!
Seems like it would be handy and potentially easily disposable if you had an illness in a clutch and wanted to start clean.
We're not soda drinkers but I know plenty of people I could ask to save bottles for me, and I'm sure other plastic bottles would be just as good.
Me being me I would probably melt down the edges of the openings the birds are reaching through a little to prevent cuts, I know I've lacerated myself on some soda bottle crafts before!
I would suggest using bungees or zipties to secure them. My quail knocked over two, till I secured them. The best thing about them is you can make the holes just the right size and height to minimize food waste.
I just tried using modified J feeders for rabbits. Oh man did they make a mess with the food. Have a big pile on the floor under the cage. Thanks for the new idea.
I made one this weekend for my 1 week old chicks. Great idea and they finally figured out how to get in and out of it. Lol!

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