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Feb 12, 2009
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I have a lot of jewelry: even with two jewelry boxes, I still don't have enough room for everything. And besides, have you priced those things lately? Sure you can get a cheap one from Walmart for $15, but the ones I found were all ugly.
While doing a search on Ebay one day, I stumbled across cigar boxes. They looked perfect! Many different sizes, made of wood in different finishes, and inexpensive. A little modification, and it could easliy be turned into a unique jewelry/trinket/gift/whatever box.
At the antique/junk shop today, I saw some that I liked. They fit my cirteria of being large, flat, and having nice looking wood. I paid $12 total for the two flat boxes in front. The larger box in back is one I got off of ebay. Not sure what it was before, but it now serves as a catch-all for stuff.

One came pretty much ready made, with a white fuzzy lining on the bottom, so I didnt' have to to anything but polish it up a bit. The other was plain wood inside. You could use just about anything for a lining; leather,satin,velvet, etc. I was at walmart, and, feeling pretty lazy, I bought some felt squares with adhesive already on the back. All I had to do was measure the inside of the box, cut out the square, and carefully place the felt lining inside the box. Now that's my kind of project! Instant gratification.


Since the boxes were a bit faded and had a scratch or two, I decided to polish up the outside with some Old English scratch cover.
You could use a stain, varnish,decoupage medium, etc. Anything you like. This whole 'project' took less than an hour, and my earrings now have a nice, new home.
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We used those in Girl Scouts one year, my daughter still treasures hers! We glued sea shells all over the top and lined the inside, very pretty little jewelry boxes..we got ours free from the cigar shop in the mall, not sure if they still give them away or not. Great idea though:)
Cool! I didn't even think to check at a cigar shop--duh! I will have to do that next time I'm in town. Some of the boxes are just beautiful; works of art all by themselves.
I like the seashell idea-do you have a picture? I am very visual. I welcome any and all ideas you guys have, so keep them coming!
I'll look through my photobucket and see if I have a picture. If not I'll take one and post it for you when I get home from work. Yes, some of them are really nice wood too, others are balsa wood or other cheaper woods, some have silk lining already too! They used to throw them away and our troop ended up with a huge pile of them so we were able to make all our jewelry box projects for free..that has been about 10 years ago. Dont know what they do with them now but they cant keep them all, those shops are small and they unbox loads of those cigars for individual sale so they must do something with the boxes. We only have one nice cigar shop that I know of and its in our mall. I guess every big city must have one. Check and see if you have one of those progressive cigar bars too, they would have the boxes as well.

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