Cheap siding?

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    Must be something different then. The siding I saw at lowes was certainly thinner than 1/2 inch and were somewhat flexable.

    As for cheap furing strips, that would have been nice to find... dang furing strips were a whole 3 cents cheaper than a 2x4! Seemed a bit odd but chalked it up to cost of cutting vs amount of wood.
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    We are using smart siding. It looks like T-111 but is made with osb on the inside. It is primed on the outside and so much easier to paint than regular T-111. We aren't using anything under it-we put it right on the framing. It's about 1/2" thick, maybe a tiny bit less. I think it was about $20 a sheet.
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    Jul 19, 2011
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    Quote:Me too and painted it with a satin finish paint. Turned out great.
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    Quote:Me too and painted it with a satin finish paint. Turned out great.

    I'm in the process of building a 2nd coop using this same siding as JackE and HSF - While not cheap, its pretty nice stuff - I got mine from Home Depot for $19/sheet.
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    Sep 1, 2011
    Quote:I used the same thing on my coop , looks really nice.
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    Jul 27, 2011
    Quote:I saw this article before too, and I agree with using pallet wood (gotta a pallet build in progress myself) and love this clapboard siding look, but I think it would be pretty tedious on a 12x12 structure. Possible, but tedious b/c each board doesn't cover much and will take ALOT of boards. After my coop is done I'm building a shed/shop and thinking about siding with pallet boards...probably horizontal (flat, not clapboard). I also like the board and batten look. I'm using the pallet boards horizontal on my coop but worry about longevity...will water sort of wick inside the cracks and tend to cause rot? Time will tell, but it really is a nice look stained.
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    What about wood fencing? I know a lot of people take down their privacy fencing and then just trash the wood. Also- maybe check into the new planks? Perhaps possibly they might be cost effective if you add it up and compare it with other siding options? I don't know. A plank cost $1.37 a piece. I've seen several coops made with using wooden privacy planks as siding and they look really cute! [​IMG] If you could find the wood on FreeCycle or Craigslist, that would be even better. Maybe a fencing company would have old fencing that they are going to haul off to the dump?
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    Thank you all for your suggestions.... And may I saw WOW to the pallet siding link! That looks awesome. We definitely don't have enough pallets to do that but I may take a look around and see if there's someplace around us where we could either get a bunch or a who has a steady supply because it really does look great. After checking prices it's looking like the OSB with furring strips will be the cheapest option outside of pallet siding. I've already got a couple of sheets of OSB hanging around, plus two more coming from a friend. If I can't find any others on CL they're only $6.50 per sheet at the hardware store so that is likely the option we will go with. I like the T-111 and it would be easy to paint but it's still a little more than I would ideally like to spend. I'm definitely remaining open to the option though as I would like something that is going to last for a long, long time.
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    Jul 27, 2011
    The wood fencing is a great idea as well, the weathered patina of these old boards is very nice. How 'bout you go ahead with the OSB for temporary siding, then accumulate free cycle stuff over time. That way the structure part would be done and able to be used, giving you time to find the right deal or right freedycle of sidingfor the finished look.

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