Cheap working chicken/duck coop ideas.


6 Years
Sep 23, 2013
I have recently purchased 4 white pekin ducklings from my local tractor supply store. I know they are not yet large enough to ive inside a coop but I also like to be prepared. As a young Teen age boy I am working on a fairly low budget(Ive already spent $100) and on the coop/run for my ducks I would like to keep it between $50-$100. I am open to all ideas.

I have 3 pekin ducks and 1 crested that live very comfortably in the shelter my husband built. We purchased a small dog house to put inside the pen for shelter and to keep their food dry. We surrounded the dog house with a fenced in shelter. We used wire fencing found at Lowes held up by t posts. We also put chicken wire over the top to keep predictors out. We then built a door for easy access for us. I do let my ducks out to roam free throughout the day but they seem happy and safe in their shelter.

Good luck! I absolutely love my ducks! Our girls lay eggs every day and they are delicious.
Thanks, I think Im going to go with a smaller design. I have a fenced in backyard where the can free range while I am watching but I am considering building a simply run and coop.
Hey Qwerty, I don't have any ducks but from the little I have read they are good to be on the ground in a very simple 3 sided shelter. Could you just find a few pallets and nail them together with a piece of wood or metal roofing for the top? Or maybe you could make a very simple hoop structure. Like this one I made with stuff sitting around the House:

Or even easier, instead of building a base, just drive some stakes or rebar into the ground in a rectangle and slide the pcv onto the stakes. Kind of like this, but smaller:

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