Check out my coop and tell how many chickens I can house

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  1. Hi, it's not just a way to get you to check out my coop, but I hope you do because I am so proud of my first attempt, but I would like you to tell me how many chickens I can rescue and keep in it. They will be allowed out in garden once they have settled in for a few weeks, and they will have 24 access to the run underneath which I have completely surrounded with hardware cloth and left no holes big enough for a stoat or rat to get though. Thanks
  2. Achickenwrangler#1

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    Aug 7, 2011
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    One of the nicest looking coops I've seen...(it wouldn't let me post on your comment section) I would say you could put alot of chickens in many as your freezer will hold anyway. You can also put roosts underneath since its blocked the wind and some will roost there as well...some of mine elect to sleep outside, even in snow. Now, will you come over and add a poarch roof to my coop? :)
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    That is one nice looking coop-Lots of work I can tell. B aware of chicken math[​IMG]
  4. Thank you both for your comments. It was hard work, because all I knew was were it was going to stand, and that it was going to build on the four 4x4 pressure treated post. I never thought of putting a roost in the lower part, but what a great idea, I love that, and the chooks would love it too in the middle of summer Im sure. And "chicken math", I have seen it in practice on a forum here, and nobody can settle on how it works, because every situation is different. That's why I though it would be a good idea to show my coop to help out. Oh, and I don't know why no comments could be posted on my coop page, maybe I have done something wrong with it. Im new so can be forgiven :)

    When you say roost, do you mean nest boxes or something to stand on like a perch. You will have to excuse me because I so new to this, and terms and ideas are sometimes hard to picture.
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    WOW what a fantastic job...wish you were my neighbor you should be able to have enough chickens to serve you well and enough room that they will be happy
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    Roosts or poles. Go bigger diameter, like 6 inches around, chickens are clumsy at perching. I wouldn't house more than six large fowl there, if you are free ranging then more if the just sleep there, but they may be times you want them cooped up and too many are a bad thing. Yeah, four to six max. They will be healthier then. Besides, chickens poop alot when they roost. Just something to consider. Less is more.
  8. I have thought about how to stop them pooping too much if they are locked up a lot, and I simply wont feed them :) So you say six chickens for the whole coop, not just underneath. Ok, I can live with six, sounds like a good start.

    Thanks flappinhappy for your comment too.
  9. I have just found out what Chicken Math seems to be. You get one and then another and so on........:) I am learning, I think.
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    Great looking coop, reminds me of Noah's ark! Before you know it chicken math will have a hold of you , and there will be 2 of every breed.[​IMG]just having a lend of you . Your chooks will be very happy in there. Congrats.

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