Check out my "Peep Feeder"!

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    One of my hens hatched two chicks two weeks ago (our first babies!). I put a small feeder with chick starter and a small waterer in the run since the babies are too small to reach the regular ones (and since they need the chick food). I've been frustrated by the big chickens eating all of the chick food and knocking/dirtying the water, necessitating twice daily food and water replenishment.

    I finally solidified a plan in my head for a creep feeder of sorts and roped Hubby into helping me build it tonight. We used scrap wood and wire, so it was free, which is also a plus :)

    I've dubbed it the "Peep Feeder" - since it's a creep feeder for peeps!





    The wire on top is secured to the 2x4 on this side and the frame on the other side. You can lift the lid to access the feeder/waterer.

    And a picture of the peeps:

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