check this egg out...never saw one like this before


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Jun 10, 2011
This egg was laying on the floor of our coop first thing this morning..our hens are only 18 weeks old and are just starting to lay.. we've had a few other soft shelled eggs, but nothin like this. Anyone know what causes this?
my ducks, or duck I should say did this when she first began to lay. the first egg was just a reg looking egg but it felt like a watter baloon. the next was the same but had a long flexable, almost saussage looking case on it, it was funny to me becuse all her regular eggs she was careful to lay in her nest but when she had one of these she always did it where I could see it. I think she was trying to tell me she needed some attention to her diet my husbend of course does not agree. I gave her spinch but hens you really have to be carful with becuse of crop trouble with stuff like that. I would give them some yougurt and well dried egg shells but I am a newbe to this game of chickens and ducks.

good luck...
Wow, that is one funky looking egg! It looks like a soft shelled one, attached to a tiny soft shelled one, attached to a popped soft shelled one! What an oddity, thanks for posting it!

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