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    Jan 25, 2008
    Ok, My duck layed her first egg of the year yesterday. I put it in the incubator been there about 24 hours, I figured if I craked it open I would see the start of an embryo if there was one so I did. I seen a small dark red dot that apeard to move, it like changed shape for a few secs could it have been an embryo or was my eys playing tricks on me? I wanted to know so I could start colecting her eggs for incubation, I just did not want to put them in one a day I dont want stagerd duck eggs.

    For clarification I got the last of my hatching eggs today and I do not have any room in the bator for the duck egg, it was going to come out anyway. I wanted to buy a 3rd bator this weekend but no room for it now , just thought Id check it and see if I could tell
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