Cheek raw and red


Aug 1, 2020
UK’s not like that on the other side though? Or on the other chickens? But I hope so! I am new to chicken rearing so it could be the equivalent of freaking out over baby freckles?!
Yes, I think you are!!! 🙂

They often don't have matching earlobes. It is nothing to worry about. Her skin does not look raw or irritated to me. Just normal.


In the Brooder
Sep 26, 2020
That's her earlobe, and it looks pretty normal to me. She is maturing and hormonal levels are increasing causing her comb, wattles, and ear lobes to brighten and enlarge.
Okay, so second chicken expert to tell me that’s her earlobe. I feel kinda silly. I am so worried about mites and scratches and just want to be a good mom. I have read books and listened to oh so many podcasts but it’s different when you are living it. Thank you for taking the time to respond!

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