Cheep feed storage bins. Any suggestions?

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Apr 1, 2020
Orlando FL
Looking for a cheap good storage bin that can hold 50lbs of feed. Only worry is bugs getting in. Rats and predators can’t get it a conex box. Thanks for the help
We use 5-gal buckets with snap-tight lids that seal the bugs out and keep the feed as fresh as possible. We don't have rats/mice that would eat through the plastic, so they work for us.

Two (2) 5-gal buckets will hold a 50# bag of feed too...
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I use home depot buckets with gamma lids.
They seal so moisture and bugs are kept out. It takes 2 of the 5 gallon buckets to hold 50 pounds of feed.
While there is an initial investment I will say they last! I have been using the same buckets with lids for 10+ years. Mine are stored inside so not exposed to sunlight.
Ok I was looking into those. I have a tractor supply bucket already so it just need another one
I use an old chest freezer. Most people give them away when they don't work anymore, and depending on size can hold anywhere from 200 lbs+ at a time. They still have the seal around the top and can't be chewed into. If you get a really large one you can store the feed in bags, with mine I dump the feed into it and scoop it out. Mine holds 200 lbs at a time. Works great!

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