Cheep? NO! Not Cheep! CHEAP! :) CHEAP EGGS!


10 Years
Mar 29, 2009
Russell County
To all those early birds, this is for you guys!
"The early bird gets the worm!"

I live in Kansas and if you live in the West Coast, you are TWO hours behind us, if you are in the East Coast, you are TWO hours ahead of us.
If you're wanting eggs SENT OUT Saturday, PayPal me @ [email protected] and send me a message that says CHEAP CHEEPS!
I will know what you're talking about!
I will only have enough eggs for 2 people, maybe 3 people if the birds lay really well today!
(I usually have approximately anywhere between 1 - 3 dozen eggs left over that aren't sold A DAY).

If you miss out, no worries! I will ship you out the eggs from this coming week on Monday and Tuesday!

Since the majority of our hens are laying eggs, I've been getting large amounts of eggs and though I sell quite a few, I still have a lot left over!
This is YOUR chance to get a LOT of eggs for CHEAP!
So CHEAP, you'll get LOTS OF CHEEPS!

This is just a mix of odds and ends and I don't have very much to go around, so hurry quick!
I only have a few of each: Pure Speckled Sussex, Pure Lakenvelder + some mixes, Pure Cuckoos + some mixes (heavies), Welsummer X Speckled Sussexes, Mediterranean Free-Rangers and a Bantam Assortment. If you're lucky, if the FBCMs lay well tomorrow, I can sneak in an egg or two into your mix!
AND you all get a DINOSAUR egg LOL

Tell me what you prefer AND I can quite possibly work right around you, though expect a LOT of bantam eggs!

Pricing is as is:
$10 for up to 15 eggs
$20 for 25 eggs
$25 for 30 eggs
$30 for 36 eggs

OR feel free to give me an offer if you'd like!
I just mainly need enough to purchase bubble wrap LOL (I spend anywhere between $5-$10 per box depending how many eggs are in the package)

IF YOU WANT THE GIGANTIC COMBO PACK: Up to 60 eggs for $50 and shipping is $20!

Shipping is as is:
$10 for up to 15 eggs
$15 for up to (15+) 36 eggs

Feel free to PM me or purchase!
Eggs have been collected Thursday, Friday and will be collected for Saturday (the left over eggs that didn't sell - these are not "second choice" just never got sold!)
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