Chic getting beat up,,what to do?


10 Years
Sep 23, 2009
Had 2 Barred rock,2 Americauna chicks,,,raised them to 5 weeks and lost one americauna to a cat. Went to feed store and picked up another americauna to replace the one.This one from feed store had been pecked on and had hole in wing but was treated with something to keep chicks from pecking on it again.They are not supposed to like the taste of whatever it is. My 2 barred rocks are unrelentingly pecking this chick all over, in the head,the wing everywhere. Should I let her just take this abuse? I don't wanna wake up and find she had a horrible night and was pecked to death. Don't wanna see she was pecked till she bled out either. She's separated from the barred rocks now in separate cage. Strangely enuf I didn't see the other Americauna go at her. Any advice from chick raisers? I usually buy my layers 5-8 months old so this is new to me.
Can you put the new chick where the others can see her but not get to her for awhile? Let them get used to her presence that way.
Also, are you using a red bulb in the brooder? Red heat bulbs tend to make everything and everyone look the same, so less pecking issues.

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