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  1. kodiakchicken

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    Apr 18, 2008
    Kodiak, Alaska
    I've got both chicks and ducks on the way and I'm trying to get prepared. I bought a small bag of medicated chick starter and a bag of chick grit to get the peeps started. I've read that the ducklings should not have the medicated feed. The feed store did not carry duck starter but they said a bag of all purpose poultry and water fowl feed would work for the duck. I'm confused, because I've read that ducks can eat unmedicated chick starter, but this bag says for "starting chicks, growing pullets, laying hens, adult ducks, turkeys, geese and gamebirds." They said this feed is crumbles, but I'm still not sure. Duck info is hard to come by, so I'm hoping someone here raises both!
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    You can use non medicated gamebird, broiler or turkey starter. The all purpose is ok after a couple weeks of being on the higher protein starter.
    Chick starter doesn't have the niacin that ducks need. It also contains a thiamine blocker to prevent coccidiosis in chicks that ducks are not prone to.
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    Your right about that. Duck info is hard to come by, even on these boards. I've been trying to get some info on pekins for about a month now, without getting all of the info I need.

    I use TSC's chick starter. It says on the bag that it is for starting both chicks and ducks. I think Dumar is the brand. All my local feed store sells is medicated chick starter and I was afraid to give that to my pekins.
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    Mar 23, 2008
    In December I recieved both ducklings and chicks. Ended up feeding both a blend called Duck Goose Chick Starter Grower. Took up the whole bag to spell it out, but it a basic non medicated all purpose but with 21 percent protien. Fed that for 2 weeks and went to a TURKEY Grower crumble (22 %). The Pekins loved it, and I stayed with the Starter for the chicks till 8 weeks, then moved them with a 16 percent all purpose.

    I finished off the Pekins with the Turkey grower, and corn. very tasty.
  5. kodiakchicken

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    Apr 18, 2008
    Kodiak, Alaska
    Thanks, everyone! It sounds like I need to find a higher protein starter for the ducks for the first couple weeks - as I suspected. I'll probably have to order it from off-island but I've got time as the little ones aren't here yet. Does anyone know if TSC has a website?

    Then I should be okay with regular poulty feed for the ducks after 2-3 weeks and for the chicks after they get off the medicated starter. Or should I go to a grower feed? I know I eventually need to use a layer feed for chicks once they start laying.

    So much to learn!!!
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    Quote:They sure do. It's but from what I can see their feed is in-store purchase only.
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