Chick and mama not thriving?


Oct 7, 2020
Broody hen sat on several eggs. Over time pushed out non-viable eggs. Ended up with 2 chirping chicks.

Found second hatched chick dead within 24 hours under mama.

First hatchling (last surviving) seemed ok, chirping and eating a bit.

@ 48 hours old, went to find her huddled under mama, no chirping and not moving much. Mama hen also didn’t look great. Pale comb. They were both still in nesting box with starter food and water available to them.

I panicked and triaged everyone. Gave warm mashed up starter food and dropper electrolytes to baby, and it perked up quite a bit and was chirping. Still weak and sleepy.

Mama got out of box, huge poop, part diahreah. She free ranged for about 10 minutes and every other chicken attacked her, and she went back to the nesting box looking for baby chick. Couldn’t find her and started sitting on other eggs.

I moved them to a clear tub in my sun porch with mashed up food and electrolyte water.

I’m at a loss overall what to do, I was trusting the natural process but I don’t think it’s working?

Short term problem is keeping mama and chick alive.

Long term is getting mama and baby accepted in the flock.

I know this is a varied situation, any help is much appreciated! Current picture of mama.


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I can't comment too much on her appearance as I don't keep chickens, however you can take the chick from its mother. You should try and let them complete this crucial step themselves but if they can't then it's better you keep the chick alive.

One chick will not be easy though, grab a mirror to confuse it into thinking there are other chicks. If you do this then you need to slowly reintroduce your mama back to her flock. Put her in a cage next to your run or a cage inside your free range area. Let them get a feel for each other again and soon enough she'll be reaccepted. It can take a week or two sometimes.

Then you can just do the same with the chick and introduce them that way when they're 4+ weeks old. If you have a Roo you may want to be careful with a 4 week old though as he may be aggressive or try mating them. Or he might be lovely too them, need to try and see but try properly not just let them run out.

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