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    Jul 21, 2016
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    My little ones are 2.5 weeks old and for the past week and a half I've noted some behaviors I was curious about. The first is the challenging... Two chicks will flap their wings and chest bump each other. Is this just rooster behavior or do the hens do it to establish hierarchy...
    Also what's up with the run/flap wings thing. Every time they run, they flap their wings. It's sooooo cute but I was wondering if they are trying to fly or what. I never thought having chickens would be this fun and interesting!
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    I like to hear when chicks are playing in the manner you described. It means they are healthy. Chicks practice all kinds of behaviors that will be needed in order to survive when they are mature. All chicks do the chest bump, the zoomies (I'm a racehorse! Watch out!), and various chicken yoga poses. Some chicks run about as if they are being chased by a demon. Then they fall over to sleep as if dead. At two weeks they are just practicing but as they get older they will get more serious about asserting where they are in the flock hierarchy.

    Have fun watching them. It's great therapy!
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    Hi! Yep, the challenging behavior is just them sorting out the pecking order, both pullets and cockerels will do that. When they flap their wings as they run it's just them being excited and energetic, partially to go a little faster, and partially to keep their balance! And you're right; they're testing out their wings for flight. If you'd like, you can put a low roost just a couple inches off the ground for them to fly up to and jump off of. All normal chick behavior. Have fun with your new chicks! [​IMG]
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    1. Pecking order establishment.
    2. Exercising.

    Yep, its cute.
  5. Yep, like all baby animals...They love to play and challenge each other. Pecking order is being established.
    I love watching chicks play. My 14 week old pullets all run and flap their wings when I first let them out to free range. They do a bit of chest bumping and then get down to business foraging. Still cute at this age too.
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    I have a few branches in the brooder and they love to fly up to them. Then from the branch to the top of the then they poop on the floor....*sigh*
    I still love them though.
  7. Enjoy them as they will be big birds in no time...Then you will have a bunch more questions for BYC.....All babies are cute.
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    a "pecking order" question, if you don't mind?

    my day-old mixed flock chicks arrived today,, now i'm official! i'm already seeing the 'pecking order' thing, but one (a barred rock) concerns me. there's another BR, and is not doing what this one is doing. she is not only pecking at the eyes of the others but grabbing at their eyes, n i'm afraid of traumatic injury (i have some very rare breeds in there n would hate to have to replace or put down).

    i separated the one w cardboard partition 8" high, n the doggone thing just found a way to get back over!! (this one's strong!) i can't go higher bc they must share the heat lamp, n that's as high as i can go w the 'wall'...

    should i b concerned?? does this one need to b culled??
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    Aug 24, 2016
    You've done good to separate them, I don't have much advice to give since I don't have any experience with this. You should probably start your own thread, it'll be easier to get more answers if more people can see your question [​IMG]
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    Answered here:
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