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Sep 22, 2013

Im new to this.

We had a hatchling program at my childcare Centre where children watch eggs hatch and chicks grow. The eggs hatched and I have 9 chicks. However 1 chick seems to be born with deformities. One wing is smaller then the other and the leg is displaced from the hip. The chick cannot stand. It cannot feed or drink on its own. I feed it through a dropper.

It is 4 days old not much change. Can I feed it anything specific to give it more strength?

I've been told to put it down but I don't have the heart to do that. I just want it to gain enough strength to feed and drink by its self. If it can feed and drink by its self I'm happy to care for it for life but I can't feed it for its entire life. I'm happy to do it for 10 more days or so.

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.
We just mercifully dispatch all such chicks. The advice to quickly cull is very likely your best approach. This chick may have a very low quality of life, face cannibal attacks when older, from fellow flock mates. It's nature's way.

If you want to see if 10 days of focused feeding and care creates a more positive result, then go for it. It seems likely that you'll face the cull or hand feed for life conundrum in 10 days, however. Just a life time of experience speaking here. Give it a try and see what happens.
Yes, it is disappointing. When we hatch chicks artificially we see deformed chicks. It just happens. Not every creature hatched, birthed or born is able to survive in Nature's world. In the wild, nature tend to weed such weaklings out very quickly. I've seen broody, mother hens do this weeding out. They just "take care of business" quickly and efficiently. In other species, the weak are abandoned or culled outright. The species has an inner drive to survive and the only the fittest do.

Domesticated animals are under our care and we do what we can, as we can. It isn't easy. Such is the weight of responsibility that comes with creating and keeping domestic animals. It isn't always easy. I'm sorry. All of us, every one of us who've done this for a while can testify of these things.
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