chick born too early, please help.


8 Years
Apr 10, 2011
What do I do to help the chances of a chick born probabaly a day early. It has just a small amount of yolk left to absorb and is completely out of its shell (because I thought it was a regular egg and I tried to crack it open for a dog to eat)

obviouslly I feel terrible about making this mistake, so please go easy on my feelings.

Right now I have it next to a heating lamp, on a towel. it can kick, chirp and open it's eyes. Does it have a chance? I don't want to stick it with the broody chicken because I'm afraid that she'll peck the bit of yolk that he has left outside.
Don't let it get too hot. Wait a day until the yolk is gone then at night sneak it in under the broody hen. Dip its beak in water as you would a hatchery chick when they arrive. I had two that I took a syringe without a needle and put poly vi sol w/o iron a drop with water 1/4 cup and squeezed the plunger on the syringe until there was just a drop hanging on the end and held it up to the beak. The chicks took the drop in and I repeated several times to make sure that it was hydrated. They did fine see picture attached.

In my kitchen in a basket on paper towels under a heat lamp. The lamp was about 18 inches above the basket

Later with the hen in the broody coop. I have Sweet PDZ on the floor which is plywood. This is day 2

My broody hen Stella (my avatar) with the other 2 chicks. The third one sitting on my hand. Day 2. Hanging feeder was for the hen while she was sitting. Starter feeder is for chicks along with waterer (with electrolytes in it). Picture taken on 10-17-2012. These chicks were very late they hatched on day 27.
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This is extremely helpful, thanks so much.

it looks like there's still some healing to do with it's belly yolk thing, but even in the two hours since it happened it looks better. Someone on another post suggested humidity, like from an incubator, so I put a damp towel at the end of the box. Right now the chick is still in egg pose, with the occasional kick and neck stretch. I guess he didn't get to go through the motions while breaking out so he's got to do it now, does that sound right? as in, it should take some time to get into classic chick pose?
Thanks for the update. It's so cool to hear a good report from what was a serious situation.

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